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CPS Touch - IHM

Question no.1 (ask on 05/09/2014) : How many screens can I have in a given CPS TOUCH?

answered on 05/09/2014 :

It depends on the remaining memory in your CPS Touch project.

Question no.2 (ask on 05/09/2014) : Is there a real-time clock (RTC) in the CPS Touch? What about the battery?

answered on 05/09/2014 :

Yes, an RTC is available. The battery is rechargeable and its typical life span is 10 years.

Question no.3 (ask on 05/09/2014) : I want to connect a printer to a CPS Touch. Is it possible?

answered on 05/09/2014 :

Yes, this is possible from V1.2x onwards.

We support 2 types of printers:

USB printer: the driver for PCL 4, 5 and 6 is supported. Any printer which supports these languages should work and can be connected directly to the CPS Touch. The main applications include printing of the historical data and alarms on several pages. Please see the Usedr's Guide of the printer for details of the precise protocol.

Network printer: the driver for ESCP is supported. In this case, you must first connect the printer to a PC and then connect the CPS Touch to the PC via Ethernet. The main online printing application is printing the alarms / events of a single line.