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Chemicals & petrochemicals

Optimum temperature measurement solutions offering ever-greater reliability and safety.

temperature measurement PyrocontroleWith more than 65 years' experience in the chemicals and petrochemicals sector, Pyrocontrole proposes a comprehensive set of temperature measurement assemblies developed specifically for these cutting-edge industries subject to severe constraints.

Careful to maintain the design quality of its equipment and safety of your installations, Pyrocontrole's teams designed and produce measuring instruments for this sector in compliance with the regulatory stipulations, depending on the applications: European ATEX and Pressurized Equipment (PED) directives.

Lower maintenance costs, reduced energy spending: Pyrocontrole's temperature sensors offer multiple advantages.


Pyrocontrole temperature sensors for petrochemicals

Pyrocontrole proposes a comprehensive set of temperature measurement assemblies: process sensors with thermowells, multi-point sensors, bearing temperature sensors, high-pressure sensors, etc., compliant with the statutory ATEX and PED directives.

> Applications
Storage, transport, furnaces, reactors, refinery, flame measurement, pumps, motors, etc.


Qualified temperature measurement solutions

Pyrocontrole sensor with thermowell• Process sensors with thermowell
Essential to avoid any risk of sealing failure on the installation
and/or even shutdown of the process.


Temperature sensorSkin temperature sensors
These non-intrusive surface contact sensors are equipped with exclusive technology 

enabling the sensitive part of the sensors to be changed without any risk for the ducts

Pyrocontrole high pressure sensorHigh-pressure sensors
Designed to measure temperatures at very high pressures of up to
5,000 bars.


multi-point sensorMulti-point sensors
Placed inside reactors or furnaces for precise multi-temperature mapping.

Pyrocontrole thermometerBimetallic or gas expansion thermometers
Equipped with a digital display or a dial, these are used for
direct temperature measurement in storage pools or tanks.

Temperature sensorsBearing temperature sensors

To prevent excessive temperatures in pumps and motors.


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Explosive environments, high pressures, severe operating constraints

We are organized to propose a range of products which comply with the regulations in terms of their design and production and throughout their life cycle: ATEX (explosive atmospheres, SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and PED (European Pressurized Equipment Directive).


Under the authority of a reference expert responsible for all ATEX activities, and in liaison with the organizations concerned, Pyrocontrole guarantees:
• control of the documentation (technical folders, main and related drawings, workshop tests, user's guides with the declaration of compliance accompanied by operating instructions
• an attestation of compliance for new CE-type products, granted by an approved organization such as the LCIE (electrical industry central laboratory)
• control of your order and the product until archiving for ten years
• the Production Quality certificate granted annually by INERIS French national institute for the industrial environment and hazard prevention)
• compliance of the product delivered (ATEX marking of sensor, operating instructions, CE compliance attestation, traceability)

The SIL (Safety Integrity Level) requires certain essential information in order to define the preventive maintenance schedule so that the safety level can be maintained. Our temperature sensors can be equipped with a SIL-approved HART (Highway Adressable Remote Transmitter). With its automatic fault detection system, our transmitter complies with the EN 61508 standard on functional safety of electrical, electronic or programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems. Pyrocontrole includes a declaration of conformity (PYRO EL2232) and an explanatory technical manual with this equipment.

In compliance with the European Pressurized Equipment Directive (PED), we handle design and manufacturing of your equipment according to your operating conditions: operating pressure, maximum operating pressure, speed, mass and temperature of the fluid. We assess its compliance with the ISO 9001 standard:
• order review
• design review
And on request:
• drawings of the sensors
• ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) spreadsheets
• material certificate
• PMI tests
• qualified welding according to a specified operating procedure
• verification of the welds by a penetrant test or X-ray test certificate
• ingress protection verification by a hydrostatic test or helium test certificate

Depending on the installation's level of risk, Pyrocontrole supplies Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) certificates. The wedlds can be carried out according to QMOS qualified welding methods and the expertise of Pyrocontrole's welders are certified QS (Food Safety) by the French national welding institute.  Pyrocontrole also possesses its own COFRAC-accredited laboratory (no. 2-1385).

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Skin temperature sensor