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Cement manufacturing

Comprehensive range of rugged, reliable measuring instruments to optimize your clinker production

cimentKeeping as close as possible to the constraints facing cement manufacturers, Pyrocontrole has developed a comprehensive, specific range of temperature sensors which are reliable, rugged, dust-resistant, shockproof and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

At each stage in cement manufacturing, from milling through to storage, check out Pyrocontrole's wide-ranging expertise:
- temperature sensors,
- temperature controllers and transmitters


From milling through preheating of the meal, heating and cooling of the clinker to storage, our measuring instruments can guarantee safety on your installations and the quality of your production, as well as helping to reduce maintenance costs and energy spending. 


Temperature sensors

Pyrocontrole has developed a comprehensive offering of sensors for the cement manufacturing process, from milling through to storage. Discover what our know-how can do for your applications.

 Industrie ciment

capteur palier moteur Pt100 • Motor-bearing sensor 
Located near the bearing greasers and resistant to vibrations, this sensor checks the temperature of the bearing reliably and instantaneously. It can detect at an early stage any overheating which may lead to malfunctions.
Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 200 °C

 Sonde Pt100 • Conditioning tower sensor
Installed to check the temperature of the gases, its rugged, compact design makes it highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. Its sensing element is protected by a stainless-steel sheath capable of withstanding corrosive gases.
Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 450 °C

 Sensor Pt100Flue sensor
Used in discharge chimneys, this sensor measures and controls the temperature of the gases discharged into the atmosphere. In this way, it can be used to ensure correct operation of the installation and environmentally-friendly production.
Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 350 °C

Capteur pour prechauffeur à cyclone • Preheater cyclone sensor 
Installed upstream and downstream (discharge chute) of each cyclone, this sensor measures the bas and material temperatures. This monitoring helps to control and prevent any obstructions due to clogging of the fines. For the lower levels, the sensor is equipped with anti-abrasion protection. This rugged sensor withstands severe mechanical shocks.

                               Upper levels:
                               Sensing element: K thermocouple
                               Measurement withstand: up to 700 °C
                               Lower levels:
                               Sensing element: K thermocouple with anti-abrasion protection 
                               Measurement withstand: up to 1,000 °C

Capteur pour boîte à fumée • Smoke-box sensor
This sensor is capable of withstanding high temperatures and high concentrations of clinker dust. It monitors the temperature of the hot gases recovered from the rotary kiln and from the preheater tower.
Sensing element: S thermocouple with high-temperature protection / Measurement withstand: up to 1,300 °C

Capteur Atex pour stockage combustible•  Thermowell sensor for fuel storage
Immersed in the liquid fuel, this thermowell sensor is equipped with an interchangeable sensing element which avoids any loss of tightness on the installation and prevents shutdown and/or draining of the process. This sensor is qualified as ATEX / IECEx.
Sensing element: Pt100  / Measurement range: ambient temperature

Capteur pt100 pour stockage de combustible  Multi-point sensor for fuel storage
Fixed onto the process by a flange, the ATEX / IECEx-qualified multi-point sensor comprises several probes of different lengths. This multi-point assembly makes it possible to gather enough information on the thermal gradation to map any overheating of the tank sufficiently quickly.
Sensing elements: Pt100  / Measurement range: ambient temperature


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Controllers and transmitters

cement industryDrawing on its expertise covering the whole thermal process chain, Pyrocontrole proposes temperature controllers and DIN-rail or sensor-head transmitters.




  • temperature controllerSTATOP temperature controllers
    Wide choice of more than 1,000 temperature control solutions: 1 or 2 inputs, fixed or universal, outputs: relays or 4-20 mA, on-off or PID control, self-adapting and fuzzy logic…


  • DIN-rail transmitterC.A 3420 DIN-rail transmitter
    Universal input: thermocouple or Pt100
    4-20mA output
    Galvanic insulation
    Display with removable programming panel

    • Universal-input transmitter Sensor-head transmitter Universal input: thermocouple or Pt100
       4-20mA output
       Galvanic insulation
       ATEX EEx ia IIC T1-T6 option
       HART option




   Download the Cement Manufacturing brochure