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Case Studies

Control your temperature control loops in total safety

Control your temperature control loops in total safety

According to good thermal safety practices, a temperature loop must be controlled by a second thermal safety loop.

Discover how the PYROCONTROLE threshold relay C.A 3420 fulfills this function.

In-situ calibration

Cofrac accreditation, calibration, measuring instruments, metrology

Find out how to check the drift of your temperature sensors without halting your process!

This method of verification by comparison is a patented solution developed by the experts at Pyrocontrole.

Temperature sensors for industrial incinerators

Waste incineration, K thermocouples, temperature sensors

Discover the temperature sensors used in industrial incinerators

Temperature sensors for aluminium foundries

measuring instrument

Discover our qualified temperature sensors for temperature measurement in melting and holding baths, as well as in hardening, annealing and stabilization furnaces.
These measurements are performed with K thermocouples.

Industrial supervision in the agri-food sector

HMI, automation, cold chain

In the cold chain, particular care is taken to monitor the temperatures in order to guarantee healthy, safe conditions. All the links in the chain must be monitored with the same attention: cold rooms, larders, freezers, preparation areas, etc.

Discover the complete solution from Pyrocontrole, comprising a CPS Touch HMI with touch screeen, PDM I/O modules and Pt100 sensors.