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Market-Specific Brochures

Heat/Thermal treatment

power controllers, sensors, recorders, temperature controller, heat treatment, thermal treatment PYROCONTROLE

Discover all Pyrocontrole know-how 
in the thermal/heat treatment field

AMS 2750-qualified sensors for the aviation industry: TUS/SAT sensors, process sensors, load sensors, standard reference sensors 

Thyritop 600 power controllers 
Statop 600 series temperature controllers 
Pyrotracer 6500 series paperless recorders

Chemicals - Petrochemicals

Download the Chemicals - Petrochemicals brochure
and discover all the temperature sensors qualified for this type of application

DOWNLOAD Chemicals - Petrochemicals Brochure

Cement Manufacturing

Discover all Pyrocontrole's know-how at each
stage in cement manufacturing

Temperature sensors: Pt100 sensors, K thermocouples, S thermocouples
Statop temperature controllers
Temperature transmitters


Nuclear Plant Brochure

Qualified to withstand the most extreme conditions (irradiation, earthquake, high temperature, pressure, etc.),
Pyrocontrole's temperature sensors are present at all the strategic points in nuclear power plants.


Glassmaking Brochure

Find all Pyrocontrole's temperature sensors qualified for the glass industry.

DOWNLOAD Glassmaking Brochure

Rail Industry

Temperature sensors for the rail industry

Measurement and energy control solutions for the rail industry: trains, urban networks, subways, tramways, tram-trains, main lines, high-speed trains,  regional trains, services, infrastructure.

DOWNLOAD FR/GB Rail Brochure