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News Archives

08 Jun 2022

Pyrocontrole has been dealing with technical issues and changes to society for more than 70 years.

20 Jun 2022

Il y a un an, nous avons évoqué les projets de l’un de nos clients, Adial, leader des distributeurs de pizza fraîches.

13 May 2022

Renewal of ATEX certification for the Pyrocontrole's range of ambient sensors until 2025.

28 Apr 2022

Framatome, a French subsidiary of the EDF Group specialized in the Nuclear market

19 Apr 2022

Depuis plus de 30 ans le régulateur Thyritop de Pyrocontrole, est l’instrument indispensable de régulation des courants, tensions et puissance des procédés de chauffage électriques industriels.

13 Mar 2017

This temperature calibrator for surface sensors allows you to calibrate your surface sensors in conditions identical to their operating conditions!

26 Jul 2016

Pyrocontrole has developed an advanced sensor capable of measuring gas temperatures in industrial incineration furnaces: the suction-probe sensor. Discover this unique product!