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A new addition to the Thyritop family: Pyrocontrole is completing its range of power controllers with the Thyritop 600.

Pyrocontrole is constantly searching for solutions to meet its customers' needs. As an eco-responsible company seeking to respect and contribute to decarbonization of the planet, Pyrocontrole is launching a new product on the market: the PyroALM.

24 Oct 2022

Fours industriels BMI and Pyrocontrole have been working hand in hand for nearly 70 years. We look at a historic collaboration in Rhône-Alpes with Cyril Piras, head of R&D.

10 Oct 2022

Chez Pyrocontrole, Groupe Chauvin Arnoux, nous sommes les spécialistes de la régulation de puissance depuis 70 ans ! Mais concrètement comment fonctionne et à quoi sert un régulateur de puissance ?

26 Sep 2022

For nearly 130 years, Pyrocontrole, a Chauvin Arnoux Group company specialized in temperature measurement and control has been a major player in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and control solutions ideal for the energy issues currently facing society

05 Sep 2022

Pyrocontrole has developed unique know-how to propose a tailored offering covering the whole hydrogen value chain.

24 Aug 2022

Pyrocontrole groupe Chauvin Arnoux vient d’obtenir la certification 605G du groupe Stellantis, pour fournir des gradateurs de puissance afin d’optimiser les lignes de production notamment pour PSA Group.