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News Archives

08 Jul 2016

Developed to measure tube surface temperatures in severe environments, this skin temperature sensor offers excellent measurement reproducibility up to 1,100°C.

13 Mar 2017

This temperature calibrator for surface sensors allows you to calibrate your surface sensors in conditions identical to their operating conditions!

26 Jul 2016

Pyrocontrole has developed an advanced sensor capable of measuring gas temperatures in industrial incineration furnaces: the suction-probe sensor. Discover this unique product!

21 Oct 2014

With its universal input, the brand new C.A 3420 transmitter from Pyrocontrole allows you to convert all your input signals into a stable, standardized output signal, even in difficult industrial environments. When used with the C.A 3401 programming panel, it offers a low-cost solution which is nevertheless effective and user-friendly.