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News from Pyrocontrole

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21 November 2023

A new Pyrocontrole brochure for thermal measurement in the Nuclear Industry!

The nuclear industry, known for its complexity and its strict compliance with safety standards, is constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for energy while ensuring protection of people and the environment. In this context, Pyrocontrole, part...
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08 November 2023

WNE – November 28th to 30th, 2023: come and meet us!

The world of nuclear energy is coming together once again in November for one of the most important events for the Nuclear sector: WNE, the World Nuclear Exhibition, the trade fair for the sector. This year's edition is marked by the joint...
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16 October 2023

Expert Focus with Sophie Trieau - HPC (nuclear) Project Manager

For our fifth episode, the “Expert Minute” interview with Sophie Trieau, Nuclear Project Manager at Pyrocontrole. We are going to discuss with Sophie, the nuclear world of today and tomorrow, the technical side of the manufacturing of our star...
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26 September 2023

Thyritop 201, Discover the video!

Pyrocontrole's Thyritop 201 is the essential instrument for regulating currents, voltages and power in industrial electrical heating processes. Today, it is embarking on a new adventure: energy performance.
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11 September 2023

Pyrocontrole hydrogen in complete safety

Hydrogen is considered a resource of the future, as a source of clean, renewable energy. However, its use involves specific safety challenges, particularly when used in industrial or transportation applications. In this article, we explore the...
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05 September 2023

Au cœur de nos produits ! Thyritop 600 - synchronized and configurable online !

Nos derniers épisodes de Au cœur de nos produits (lien sur le dernier), mettaient nos régulateurs de puissance Thyritop in-situ et leurs fonctionnalités en lumière. Aujourd’hui, attardons-nous avec notre commercial-expert Valentin Filser, à...

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