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temperature measurement and controle, power controllers, recorders CA PYROCONTROLE


Solutions for measuring and controlling power and temperature

To meet specific requirements linked to thermal treament, CA Pyrocontrole designs and offers a wide range of temperature and power controllers, paperless recorders and temperature sensors. CA Pyrocontrole measurement expertise helps to reduce maintenance costs and cut energy spending

23 Oct 2018

Temperature Sensors Catalogue

08 Oct 2018

Chemicals - Petrochemicals

Discover our Temperature Sensor solutions for Chemicals - Petrochemicals

23 Nov 2017


New generation of DUAL-LOOP temperature and process controllers designed for the most demanding industrial processes

29 Sep 2017
Atex temperature sensors

Pyromodules id50 Innovative modular system

modular system for Atex temperature SENSORS

12 Jul 2017
STATOP 500 Series PID controllers

STATOP 500 Series PID controllers

PID controllers

The STATOP 500 Series PID controllers form a family of products designed to control the temperature and other physical quantities (pressure, flow rate, etc.) in industrial processes and to manage the positioning of power-operated valves. The 500 Series comprises 3 high-performance models: STATOP 548 - 589 - 596. The differences lie in their dimensions (1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN), the extent of the information displayed and the number of logic inputs.