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Comprehensive range of rugged, reliable measurement solutions for severe environments

For the high temperatures and extreme conditions encountered in metallurgy, foundrywork and the steel industry, Pyrocontrole proposes reliable, resistant instruments suitable for these severe environments:

Temperature sensors

Rugged, reliable solutions

Pyrocontrole proposes a choice of suitable temperature sensors equipped with specific protection to match your application. Metallic, ceramic or composite protection makes the temperature assemblies more resistant and extends the life spans of the sensors.

Examples of applications:
- Foundrywork  
- Iron and steel
- Metallurgy

- Foundrywork

Temperature measurement in melting baths and holding baths.

>Applications: melting and holding baths, temperature measurement in hardening furnaces and annealing and stabilization furnaces

Pyrocontrole foundrywork     Portable temperature assembly
Measurement or monitoring with a measurement assembly equipped with a handle.

Fixed and/or movable temperature assembly
Bath control measurement with an elbowed fixed and/or removable temperature assembly, in order to avoid breaking the protector when the furnace is loaded with aluminium-alloy ingots.

Fixed temperature assembly
Bath control measurement with straight temperature assembly fixed in the refractory, with a known thermal gradient.

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Case study - Measurement solutions for aluminium foundrywork


- Iron and steel

Qualified to withstand high temperatures, our offering of temperature assemblies can be used to measure temperatures very accurately, thus improving the quality of your products and the safety of your processes.

>Applications: hardening furnaces, annealing and stabilization furnaces

Pyrocontrole dome sensor assembly Dome sensors
In severe environments, these assemblies can be used to check the dome temperature and optimize management of the energy used.
They have a particularly long life span because their protection makes them particularly rugged.

Pyrocontrole bottom sensor assembly Bottom sensors
Accurate and resistant, these assemblies are inserted in the refractory with or without protrusion, these assemblies monitor the temperature and ensure that the process remains safe.


  Cadid sensors
Subject to temperature constraints, the sensitive element in these sensors is protected by a sheath made of a material suitable for the expected environment.



- Metallurgy

Qualified to withstand high temperatures, our offering of temperature assemblies can be used to measure temperatures particularly accurately, thus improving the quality of your products and the safety of your processes.

> Example of application: blast furnaces

Wall temperature assembly
Installed in the refractory of the furnace shaft, this temperature assembly monitors the temperature of the installation and helps to guarantee that the process remains safe.

Blast downtake temperature assembly 
Positioned on the hot blast outputs, this measures the temperature of the fumes.

Cowper stove output temperature assembly
When osition in immersion, this temperature assebly can be used to measure the hot blast temperature on the output of a Cowper stove. This is essential to ensure satisfactory furnace efficiency. This assembly benefits from a high temperature withstand and is equipped with a specific connecting head which can withstand mechanical stresses and shocks.

Standard process temperature assembly
Depending on where it is mounted, this can be used to monitor the temperature of cooling oil or cooling water.

Power controllers

Save energy

Control systems are essential to optimize the temperature. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Thyritop 40 and Thyritop 30 power controllers are ideal for professionals' needs.

       - limitation and optimization of heating power,  
       - load monitoring,  
       - multiple control and supervision possibilities.

• Thyritop 400 power controllers

These communicating power controllers control all the resistive and inductive loads for electrical heating. Available in 3 versions, from 37 A to 2,900 A, it offers accuracy, flexiliby and a rugged design to control your heating elements.

Thyritop 40>Applications
These controllers are particularly suitable for: 
       continuous furnaces
       multi-zone furnaces


• Thyritop 30 power controllers

The Thyritop 30 power controllers are ideal for the most frequent electrical power control requirements . Simple to use and particularly rugged, they offer a low-cost power control solution.

Thyritop 30>Applications
These controllers are particulary suitable for:            
       tempering furnaces



 power_controllers_brochure  Dowload Our Power controllers brochure

Digital recorders

The precision and homogeneity of the furnace holding temperature are two crucial features for the quality and cost of the heat treatment obtained. To check a furnace's temperature homogenity, the PYROTRACER digital recorder is the ideal tool.

Applications: tempering furnaces


Specifically designed for quick, simple configuration and implementation, this “plug & play“ paperless recorder can be used to check the temperature in real time and record up to 18 measurement channels. Security of this “QUALITY” recording is ensured by means of encrypted, unfalsifiable files.

pyrotracer_ 6.4-inch extra-high-definition "TFT" screen
- 256 colours
_ Up to 18 measurement channels isolated from one another
_ Data backups on Compact Flash memory up to 2 GB
_ Compliant with 21 CFR part 11
_ Delivered as standard: Ethernet link + PC processing software


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presentation brochure

Graphical recorders

PYROTRACER C.A 6510 / C.A 6520

These data recorders with touch screens are ideal solutions for data acquisition and analysis of processes in all industries. Specially d
esigned for easier use, this new generation of C.A 6500 graphical recorders helps to make your work significantly simpler and, above all, more effective!



• Faster recording speed
• Tougher data security
• Customizable display of the data and graphs
• Intuitive operation with touch screen
• Multiple recording channels
• Data accessible on site and/or remotely using the management tools

Major advantages for optimum results in the field!
Suitable for all types of applications, these instruments are capable of managing up to 72 recording channels
With multiple input types:
Thermocouples, RTDs, Cu10, Cu50, Cu100, Ni100, Ni200, Ni500, Ni1000 , Universal: mA, V, mV


the C.A 6500 brochure


Automation - HMI

CPS Touch® solution
New generation adapted to meet the industrial process supervision requirements in metallurgy, foundrywork and the iron and steel sector.

From recording of the data to control of the machines, the new CPS Touch® range of touch human-machine interfaces offers multiple advantages. Comprising 5 models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, the CPS Touch® range is suitable for any supervision requirement.

>Applications: mixers, furnaces, etc.

- CPS Touch®:

CPS Touch- Choice of 5 models from 4.3 to 15 inches
- Touch screen with more than 65,000 colours
- CPS Studio high-performance programming software
- Protected access: nine security levels per user
- Compliant with 21 CFR part 11
- Rugged IP65 and IP66 K protection availabel as an option
- Library of ready-to-use objects
- Remote control
- Compatible with a wide range of communication interfaces 

Depending on your needs, as your partner alongside you,  Pyrocontrole proposes:
- Training on the products in the CPS Touch® range (certified vocational training course)
- Development of specific applications according to your specifications


    Download the
"CPS Touch® brochure"

picto    CPS Touch® video:
    centralized, fingertip control of your processes