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Aviation and aerospace

Temperature solutions for the aviation and aerospace industries

The extreme operating conditions in your business require sensors with special mechanical, electrical and thermal adaptations. Pyrocontrole performs the qualification programmes required for these applications and guarantees the traceability and reproducibility of the items supplied.


Examples of applications: temperature measurements during the manufacture of aircraft engine parts, temperature measurements on engine ducts, industrial furnace mapping, temperature measurements in the boosters of Ariane rockets.



Temperature assemblies for monitoring the temperatures in heat-treatment furnaces (tempering and solution annealing).

Applications: heating processes for manufacturing metal engine parts, fuselage elements, etc.

capteur aeronautique avion PyrocontroleCadid temperature assemblies
Subjected to temperature stresses, the sensitive measuring elements of these sensors are protected by sheaths made of a material suitable for the environment.


thermocouple gainé PyrocontroleSheathed thermocouples
These K, N and S thermocouples are manufactured in compliance with the AMS 2750 standard, in accordance with the NADCAP specifications.





The accuracy and uniformity of a furnace's holding temperature are crucial features for the quality and cost of the heat treatment obtained. The PYROTRACER digital recorder is an ideal tool for checking furnace temperature uniformity.

Application: Thermal furnaces


Designed specifically for quick, simple configuration and implementation, this "plug & play" paperless recorder can be used to monitor the temperature in real time and record up to 18 measurement channels. Totally secure "QUALITY" recording by means of unfalsifiable encrypted files.

pyrotracer_ 6.4-inch "TFT" extra-high-definition screen
- 256 colours
_ Up to 18 configurable measurement channels which are isolated from one another
_ Data backup on Compact Flash storage up to 2 GB
_ Complies with 21 CFR part 11
_ As standard: Ethernet + processing software on PC


the presentation brochure

- Graphical recorders:
Pyrotracer C.A 6510 / C.A 6520


These data recorders with touch screens are ideal for data acquisition and analysis of the process. With their secure data storage and easy access to the recordings, this series is suitable for a wide range of applications.
Suitable for all types of applications, these instruments are capable of managing up to 144 recording channels
With multiple input types:
Thermocouples, RTDs, Cu10, Cu50, Cu100, Ni100, Ni200, Ni500, Ni1000 , Universal: mA, V, mV

Advantages of the C.A 6500 Series:




• Faster recording speed
• Tougher data security
• Customizable display of the data and graphs
• Intuitive operation and touch screen
• Multiple recording channels
• Data accessible on site and/or remotely with the management tools



Download the
C.A 6500 brochure


Control is crucial to optimize your temperature settings. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Thyritop 40 and Thyritop 30 power controllers are ideal for professionals' requirements in this area.

       - limitation and optimization of heating power settings,  
       - load monitoring,  
       - numerous control and supervision possibilities

• Thyritop 400 power controllers

This communicating power controller controls all the resistive and inductive loads for electric heating systems. Available in 3 versions, from 37 A to 2,900 A, it offers accuracy, flexibility and a rugged design in order to control heating elements.

Thyritop 40>Applications
These controllers are particularly suitable for: 
       continuous furnaces
       multizone furnaces


• Thyritop 30 power controllers

The Thyritop 30 models are designed for the most frequently-encountered electrical power control requirements. Simple to use and particularly rugged, this is the least expensive power control solution.

Thyritop 30>Applications
These controllers are particularly suitable for:            
       heat-treatment furnaces



power controller_thyritop

  the Power controllers brochure


The CPS Touch® solution 
New-generation supervision solution ideal for supervising industrial processes.

From data recording to control of the machines, the new CPS Touch® range of touch human-machine interfaces offers multiple advantages. Comprising 5 models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, the CPS Touch® is suitable for all supervision requirements.

>Applications: mixers, furnaces..

- CPS Touch®:

CPS Touch- Choice of 5 models from 4.3 to 15 inches
- Touch screen with more than 65,000 colours
- CPS Studio high-performance programming software
- Protected access: nine levels of security per user
- Complies with 21 CFR part 11
- Rugged IP65 and IP66 K protection available as an option
- Libreary of ready-to-use objects
- Remote control
- Compatible with a wide range of communication interfaces 

As a partner alongside you and depending on your requirements,  Pyrocontrole proposes
- Certified professional training on the products in the CPS Touch® range
- Development of specific applications on the basis of specifications


    Download the
    "CPS Touch®" brochure

picto    CPS Touch® video:
    centralize and supervise your processes with fingertip control