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Measurement solutions for pharmacy and the agri-food sector

Safety, quality, traceability: effective control of your thermal processes

AgroalimentaireAt the core of the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry's concerns, Pyrocontrole develops fast, reliable temperature measurement solutions adapted to meet the essential requirements of safety and traceability.

- Temperature measurement,
for advanced surveillance

- Temperature control,
to optimize energy use

- Recording of the data,
for flawless traceability

- Automation,
for real-time supervision of your applications

A whole set of equipment with proven performance to guarantee precise temperature monitoring and avoid any risks due to unforeseen thermal variations.

Applications: drug manufacturing, food manufacturing, cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment, conditioning, etc.



raspberryInterruption of the cold chain, incorrect heat treatment, etc.
Temperature measurement is essential to guarantee optimum quality. Pyrocontrole develops rugged, high-performance temperature sensors which fulfil the hygiene constraints of the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors.

 >Applications: autoclave, refrigerated chamber, bath to be controlled, cooking checks, etc.

insertion sensor

Insertion temperature sensor
hygienic sensor for quick, accurate measurement of the temperature at the heart of the product without health hazards.

bath sensor Bath temperature sensor
this is mounted upstream of the control process and used to check the temperature of the system to be controlled.

• Sensor for autoclave
withstands variations of temperature, pressure and humidity; this has different functions according to the required application:
- Safety: independent of the heating system, its main function is to monitor the temperature.
- Control; when connected to a controller, it adjusts the temperature throughout the process.
- Duplex: 2-in-1 system which both measures and controls the temperature.



To avoid any involuntary temperature variations and accurately monitor temperature over time, temperature controllers are essential.
Capable of withstanding severe environments and cleaning with a water jet, the STATOP range of temperature controllers offers high precision for the adjustment parameters.
These easy-to-use instruments can be handled without any particular knowledge of control.

>Applications: autoclaves, furnaces, baths to be controlled, etc.

STATOP Series 15

STATOP series 15STATOP 24-15
IP65 controller equipped with the automatic action adjustment system: self-adjusting PID control mode. The STATOP 24-15 also incorporates fuzzy logic which performs automatic process recovery.

- STATOP Series 60

STATOP 48STATOP 24-60 and STATOP 48-60
IP65 controllers equipped with the automatic action adjustment system: self-adjusting PID control mode. They also incorporate fuzzy logic which performs automatic process recovery. The STATOP Series 60 controllers are equipped with a second input to command the control setpoint.


     Download the
     STATOP brochure 



Traceability of operations and batches

In compliance with the strict health and safety standards, tinsthe Pyrotracer recording and monitoring solution from Pyrocontrole ensures advanced traceability of the temperatures and data protection in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements. With its specific programs, it is an ideal tool for validating sterilization or pasteurization cycles.

Applications: autoclaves, ovens, refrigerators: all temperature traceability processess.

- Paperless digital temperature recorder

C.A 650- Math function for programming the "Pasteurization value" or "Sterilization value" formulae with automatic shutdown when the specified value is reached
- Secure operation: isolated channels and file encryption
- Universal inputs: thermocouples, Pt 100Ω, mV, V and mA
- Ethernet link and PC processing software
- TFT high-definition screen
            - Compliant with 21 CFR part 11

the brochure

- Graphical recorders 
 C.A 6510 / C.A 6520

These data recorders with touch screens are ideal for data acquisition and analysis of the process. With their secure data storage and easy access to the recordings, this series is suitable for a wide range of applications such as:  
• Inventory management
• Temperature monitoring on sterilizers/autoclaves
21 CFR Part 11
biomedical applications



• Faster recording speed
• Customizable display of the data and graphs
• Intuitive operation and touch screen
• Multiple recording channels
• Data accessible on site and/or remotely using the management tools

Major advantages for optimum results in the field!
Suitable for all types of applications, these instruments are capable of managing up to 144 recording channels
With multiple input types:
Thermocouples, RTDs, Cu10, Cu50, Cu100, Ni100, Ni200, Ni500, Ni1000 , Universal: mA, V, mV


the C.A 6500 brochure



CPS Touch® solution

Pyrocontrole CPS Touch automationfrom recording the data to controlling the machines, the new CPS Touch® range of touch human-machine interfaces offers multiple advantages. Comprising 5 models, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, the CPS Touch® range is suitable for all supervision requirements.
Equipped with a touch screen which can be used even when wearing safety gloves, a front panel which withstands cleaning with a water jet and a data protection system compliant with the stipulations of the "21CFR part 11" regulations, CPS Touch® integrates the constraints of the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries.

>Applications: autoclaves, ovens, refrigerators, kneaders, mixers, furnaces, etc.

- CPS Touch®:

CPS Touch- Choice of 5 models from 4.3 to 15 inches
- Touch screen with more than 65,000 colours
- CPS Studio high-performance programming software
- Protected access: nine security levels per user
- Complies with 21 CFR part 11
- Rugged IP65 and IP66 K protection available as an option
- Library of ready-to-use objects
- Remote control
- Compatible with a wide range of communication interfaces 

As a partner alongside you, and depending on your requirements, Pyrocontrole proposes:
- Certified professional training on the products in the CPS Touch® range
- Development of specific applications according to specifications


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"CPS Touch®"