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Pyrocontrole is in the running for the 2018 SVTM Innovation Prize!

Pyrocontrole will be taking part in the SVTM Vacuum Technologies and Materials Treatment Exhibition from 13th to 14th June 2018 at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux. This trade fair is an opportunity to meet the players in vacuum and material treatment technologies.

For the 2018 edition, the exhibitors and participants will be able to take part in jointly-organized events, such as the 45th Thermal Treatment and Surface Treatment Conference and the 15th Congress of the Plasmas Division presented by the Société Française de Physique (SFP).
This year, Pyrocontrole has decided to participate in the 2018 SVTM Innovation Prize. In this context, Pyrocontrole will be exhibiting the new STATOP 704, the controller with 4 independent PID loops used with the CPS Touch range of new-generation Human-Machine Interfaces.

A range of temperature controlloers for each requirement

Pyrocontrole has developed a comprehensive range of new-generation temperature controllers, comprising the STATOP 500 Series PID controllers with 3 models (548, 589, 596), the STATOP 600 Series dual-loop PID controllers with 3 models (648, 689, 696) and the STATOP 704 with 4 independent PID loops.

The STATOP 704 used with the new-generation Human-Machine Interfaces in the CPS Touch range.

For the 2018 SVTM Innovation Prize, Pyrocontrole will be presenting its STATOP 704 controller covering multiple applications ("blind-mode" control, multi-zone control, temperature control and process control), which is capable of working with the CPS Touch range. Linked via the Ethernet port, the operator can use this new generation of Human-Machine Interfaces to fain access to the data and record them, modify the alarms and the temperature, etc.