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Recalibrate your instruments with high accuracy

When used regularly, even the best measuring instrument loses metrological accuracy.
To control the performance of measuring instruments and prevent any deterioration of quality, temperature calibration is essential.
Drawing on their thorough mastery of the temperature measurement chain, the Chauvin Arnoux Group companies Pyrocontrole and Manumesure propose a comprehensive set of temperature calibration solutions. Whatever the industrial sector, Pyrocontrole and Manumesure perform calibration of all brands of sensors and measuring equipment and also propose innovative, high-performance calibration equipment and systems in order to offer a complete service adapted to your needs.

Two levels of calibration services
with or without COFRAC

Manumesure proposes calibration or verification of your measuring instruments whatever their brand. Pyrocontrole also possesses a calibration laboratory and offers temperature sensor metrology. These calibration laboratories, equipped with instruments linked to the national and international reference standards, perform high-quality calibration according to the applicable standards.

COFRAC-accredited calibration for quality assurance
The Pyrocontrole (COFRAC no. 2-1385) and Manumesure (COFRAC no. 2-1336) laboratories perform calibration by comparison from -80°C to +1,500°C, from -25°C to +150°C on site and from 200°C to +1,768°C with electrical simulation.

-Calibration of Pt100 sensors   Temperature range: - 40°C to +450°C

-Calibration of thermocouples  Temperature range: - 40°C to +1,500°C

Calibration with provision of a report for reliable measurements
The Pyrocontrole laboratory performs calibration by comparison with provision of calibration report.

-Calibration of Pt100 sensors   Temperature range: - 40°C to +450°C

-Calibration of thermocouples  Temperature range: - 40°C to +1,500°C


 COFRAC-certified calibration,  calibration with a report: our specialists can advise you according to your needs and constraints.

 Please contact us.