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Waste treatment: reliably check the temperature of your incineration furnaces

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Waste treatment: check the temperature of your incineration furnaces
temperature sensor for industrial furnaces
Pyrocontrole has developed an advanced sensor capable of measuring gas temperatures in industrial incineration furnaces:
the suction-probe sensor. This sensor was designed and developed to meet the requirements of this specific application. Companies incinerating hazardous waste, which may generate dioxins, have to prove to the environmental authorities that the waste is pyrolysed (total breakdown of the chemical elements). To do this, they need to check the temperatures of the gases.

The suction-probe sensors fulfil this requirement.
As their name indicates, they are based on the principle of forced suction. Alongside this gas suction circuit, the sensor is also equipped with a water-circulation cooling circuit.

Depending on the dimensions of the incineration furnace and the temperature to be measured, three suction probe models are proposed:

  • miniature range for laboratory use
  • semi-industrial range
  • industrial range for intensive use

According to the temperature to be monitored, several types of thermocouples are proposed:

  • K thermocouple up to 1,100 °C

  • S or R thermocouples up to 1,500 °C

  • B thermocouple up to 1,600 °C

It is ideal for applications which go beyond simple spot measurements for analysis or diagnostics.

This temperature measurement system also helps to optimize combustion for greater energy efficiency.

Suction probe product datasheet