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The superpowers of Thyritop power controllers!

"Hunting down carbon to help save the planet": the new adventures of Thyritop


For more than 30 years, Pyrocontrole's Thyritop controller has been the essential instrument for controlling the currents, voltages and power for industrial electric heating processes. Today, it is starting an adventure with a new focus: energy performance. Reducing energy bills and decarbonizing our industry: that's the job of the new Thyritop 700 Series.


Between 1995 and 2015, French de-industrialization led to a 50% increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Aware of the worldwide issue of COemissions and the challenge of reducing its carbon footprint, France has launched an ambitious "National Low Carbon Strategy" to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, with intermediate targets for 2030.


In the context of this challenge, Pyrocontrole has developed the Thyritop 700 range, used mainly in industrial furnaces, thermoforming machines, extrusion lines, industrial dryers, heating systems, etc. With its rating from 16 to 40 A, 4 single-phase zones or 1 three-phase zone, and fieldbus communication, our superhero power controller has more than one trick up its sleeve, while remaining simple and intuitive to use!


May the Force be with you, Thyritop!


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