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Temperature and process controllers, discover the STATOP 704 video

The STATOP 704 covers multiple applications

Designed for industrial processes, the STATOP 704 covers multiple applications: temperature and process control as well as multizone control.
The STATOP 704 is a multi-loop control system, capable of managing 4 process loops totally independently.
Configuration of the I/O resources is particularly quick and flexible, thanks to a programming tool helping users to select the parameters.

STATOP 704 technical features

The STATOP 704 from Pyrocontrole is a screenless controller. It is designed to operate with PLCs and Human-Machine Interfaces.
For this, it is equipped with a large number of communication protocols, including Profibus, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP and Ethercat. This enables it to interface with all types of equipment, not just Chauvin Arnoux instruments. This means it is an open solution.
It is plate-mounted in a cabinet and can be configured using the PYRO_Tools software which you can download free of charge from our website.

What functions and advantages does it offer?
Its main functions are:
- the integration of 4 control loops in a compact casing
- 4 universal inputs (temperature or analogue signal: 0/4-20mA, 0/2-10V)
- 2 digital outputs
- 4 Logic, Relay or analogue control loops
- 4 alarm relays
- A removable communication board depending on the fieldbus chosen.

- Compact size
- Simple wiring
- Reduced wiring costs
- 4 independent PID control loops
- Open to the outside world with all types of communication protocols

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