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Innovation with PYROmodules id50

Developed for new installations and maintenance of Atex d/ia temperature sensors, the brand new  PYROmodules id50 will change the way you work!

With PYROmodules id50, simplify your engineering work
reduce your maintenance costs!

This innovative modular solution offers
two major advantages
First of all, it allows you to design
tailored temperature sensors (RTD or thermocouples) to fit the specifications of your application. But it also fosters a different approach to maintenance work. Avoid high-cost solutions! With the innovative id50 system, you can use the id50 modules to replace only the faulty parts of your temperature probes.

id50 modules: a universal solution!

Another major advantage of this smart system is that the id50 modules can be installed on ALL makes of Atex temperature sensors while maintaining their Atex certification.

Discover our various modules and choose the guaranteed savings provided by the innovative Id50 solution!
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id50 temperature sensor