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Focus on Skin Thermocouple

Surface temperature sensor

Operation of the tube-skin temperature sensor

Designed to withstand severe environments, this temperature sensor can be used for accurate measurement of pipe surface temperatures, thus allowing you to deduce the temperature of the fluid flowing inside the pipe. This non-intrusive contact temperature sensor is equipped with exclusive technology enabling the sensitive part of the sensor to be replaced, if necessary, without removing the support.  
Discover our range of flame-proof, ATEX-compatible tube skin temperature sensors.

Surface temperature sensorSeveral variants are available:

  • K thermocouple or N thermocouple
  • materials adapted to the tube ( inconel / 310 / etc.)
  • expansion loops
  • axial or radial mounting
  • weldable contact fitting
  • with or without protective screen
  • available in ATEX intrinsic safety "ia" or flame-proof "d" versions


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