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Expert Focus – Power controller

For nearly 130 years, Pyrocontrole, a Chauvin Arnoux Group company specialized in temperature measurement and control has been a major player in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and control solutions ideal for the energy issues currently facing society





Today, "Expert Focus" meets Alexandre Soukphouangkham, Control Market Manager, to talk about Pyrocontrole's new range of controllers and the energy savings which it can achieve.


                - Alexandre, what is a power controller for?

A power controller can be used to control the load, which means it controls the current intensity and the voltage according to the signal which it receives from the operator.

The purpose of this control is to prevent overloads which may affect the performance and life span of the equipment. Controllers are also used to optimize the efficiency of the modules, thus saving energy and facilitating decarbonation of your processes.


               - What are the advantages offered by our products?

In five words: Innovation, adaptability, modernity and energy saving.

At Pyrocontrole, we propose a broad range of control products. The Thyritop and Statop models can be adapted to your specific needs whatever the field of application!

The advantage at Pyrocontrole is that we guarantee a very long life span (excluding incidents) for our range. In addition, it is an ideal replacement for electromechanical contactors. The logical and analog inputs/outputs on our instruments are also totally configurable.

In the Thyritop range of power controllers, each model has specific features. The Thyritop 101 is designed for low temperatures and offers optimum operation up to 40°C. The Thyritop 201 provides feedback in the event of overheating or total load break. The Thyritop 500 is a product which can be used alongside out brand new PyroALM module to optimize consumption for greater energy savings. The Thyritop 600, meanwhile, includes 4 temperature sensors: 1 on the thyristor, 1 on the PCB, 1 on the input connection and the fourth on the product's output.

Lastly, the Thyritop 700 range, with 4 control loops and 4 control switches, fits perfectly in cabinets and confined spaces.

For temperature control, our Statop range has already proved its worth on the market and is integrated in the thermal loops of industrial processes.

Another advantage is that we have developed unique, specific software for our products to facilitate configuration and management of the data in your processes: Pyrotools.


            - The customer relationship is another advantage at Pyrocontrole. What sort of feedback on the products do you receive from customers ?

For us, the customer relationship is the foundation for everything! Since arriving at Pyrocontrole, I have been won over by the company's philosophy regarding company/customer relations.

Availability, a serious approach, listening to customers, seeking solutions and making proposals are mainly what our customers report to us.

I'm proud to work for a company capable of establishing such trust-based relations with our consumers over the long term. 


               - Does the Thyritop range also contribute to energy savings ?

Yes, of course! The whole range contributes, but there is one model in particular which outperforms the rest: the Thyritop 600 with its PyroALM energy management module. 

The Thyritop 600 enables you to group to 2 to 64 control switches and initially allows you to limit the maximum power threshold. Because you cannot exceed your power rating, you avoid penalties from your energy supplier.

In a second phase, our product helps to distribute the powers on the different production lines to optimize energy consumption.


               - What's in the news for control at Pyrocontrole ?

We always have news because we're constantly seeking to improve our products and adapt to our customers' and the market's demands. 

We launched the new Thyritop 700 range in April and the Thyritop 100 range in May.


               - Decarbonization is a crucial subject at the moment. What solutions does Pyrocontrole propose?

We are in the midst of a major transition but Pyrocontrole is once again there to accompany you and keep its promises.

We propose Thyritop power controller ranges and Statop temperature controller ranges which are ideal for the hydrogen value chain, the most promising sector for accompanying the changes in our energy requirements.


               - Which project most caught your eye among our customers ?

It's hard to say because each customer is unique and specific but United Petfood surprised me.

The company, specialized in the production of quality dry and wet pet foods, makes the astonishing amount of 120,000 tonnes of croquettes, biscuits and tinned food. That means 12 million dogs and cats who are, to certain extent, happy thanks to us!