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Data loggers, temperature controllers, cryogenic sensors: all allies in the cold chain for Covid vaccine storage.

Most vaccines developed to prevent Covid require storage at low temperature (-70° Celsius) during transport or before starting vaccinations so that they do not become ineffective.

Temperature recorders are becoming more crucial than ever!

Our PYROtracer® CA 6500 range of recorders records, displays and monitors temperature during the transport and storage of medicines and vaccines. Compliant with the 21 CFR PART 11 standard guaranteeing traceability for electronic recordings, our recorders can adapt to any industrial structure to check the data, whether on-site or remotely via a WIfi network. The data can be accessed and centralized remotely via a PC. In a Modbus Master supervision system, the PYROtracer® is compatible with our temperature controllers. The Statop® temperature controller family can monitor the regularity and the temperature of pharmaceutical storage areas or shipment platforms. Control lies at the heart of the essential systems for maintaining the cold chain throughout the vaccine distribution process.

Freezers constantly checked by cryogenic sensors

Pyrocontrole's acknowledged pyrometry expertise enables it to supply cryogenic sensors which fulfil the requirements for testing storage facilities at temperatures below - 80°. Our SP XX range of sheathed Pt 100 sensors measures very low temperatures which may extend down to –100° C. Each sensor is equipped with a handle and spiral cord for manual handling and can be used with Chauvin Arnoux's CA 1821 and CA 1823  contact thermometers for continuous temperature recordings.  Magnetized and equipped with USB or Bluetooth communication, these recorders also offer alarm programming via the Data Logger Transfer software.