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News from Pyrocontrole

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26 July 2016

Waste treatment: reliably check the temperature of your incineration furnaces

Pyrocontrole has developed an advanced sensor capable of measuring gas temperatures in industrial incineration furnaces: the suction-probe sensor. Discover this unique product!
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18 July 2016

S60-200 Pt100 sensor

Discover our screw-on Pt100 sensor with connecting head. With its measurement range from -40°C to 200°C , this configurable sensor is ideal for a large number of applications. Worth checking out!
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08 July 2016

Focus on Skin Thermocouple

Developed to measure tube surface temperatures in severe environments, this skin temperature sensor offers excellent measurement reproducibility up to 1,100°C.
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05 July 2016

Focus on High-Pressure Thermocouple

Specially designed for temperature measurement in extreme pressure environments, discover the range of temperature sensors resistant to high pressures up to 5,000 bars. Thanks to their diverse configurations (thermocouple, Pt100), our sensors are...
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21 June 2016

Thermocouples for AMS 2750E

AMS 2750E defines a certain number of rules concerning the heat treatments applied to metals in the aerospace sector. Pyrocontrole offers a complete range of thermocouples compliant with this standard. Find out more...
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23 May 2016

Pyrocontrole wins a major contract with Total Refining & Chemicals

Discover the details of this Success Story !

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