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Glassmaking & ceramics

Choose reliability and high performance for your temperature processes

Glass-makingGood temperature management is essential in the glass and ceramics industry to ensure that the manufacturing process remains reliable and control costs.
Developed specifically for these industries, Pyrocontrole has designed an offering for all the requirements:

  • Temperature sensors 
    to control the temperature. The sensors are calibrated in our COFRAC laboratory, thus ensuring accurate temperature measurements

  • Power switches and controllers
    to manage complex loads and control the power of 
    electric furnaces as flexible as possible

An ideal combination to guarantee the quality of your production while helping to cut maintenance costs and energy spending.  



Flat glass, hollow ware, glass fibre and glass wool, heat treatments, ceramics: Pyrocontrole's offering is ideal for all sectors of the glass / ceramics industry. Whether you require standard or specific products, our team of experts is there to listen to your needs.




Pyrocontrole has developed a complete range of sensors for the glass industry.

>Applications: melting furnaces, chambers, working tanks, feeders, siphons, basins, floats, lehrs and heat treatments.
glassmaking sensors diagram

sensor• Dome sensors 
for monitoring the temperature and guaranteeing safety of the process. These measuring tools are necessary for melting furnaces, chambers and working tanks.


sensors• Bottom sensors
for monitoring the temperature and guaranteeing safety of the process. These measuring tools are necessary for melting furnaces, chambers and working tanks.

probe• Cadid sensors  
for checking and measuring the temperatures in the floats, lehrs and heat treatments.

multi-level sensor• Multi-level feeder assemblies

Essential for mapping the flow of the glass stream, used in feeders, siphons and basins.



  the Glassmaking brochure



The control requirements for glassmaking are essential to adjust the temperature as closely as possible. Equipped with advanced technology, the Thyritop power controllers provide the best response to the needs of glassmakers.

       - limitation and optimization of heating power levels,  
       - load monitoring,  
       - multiple control and supervision possibilities.


• Thyritop 400 power controllers

These communicating power controllers control all the resistive and inductive loads for the electrical heating system. Available in 3 versions, from 37 A to 2,900 A, it offers accuracy, flexibility and a rugged design for control of the heating elements.

power controller_thyritop400>Applications
These controllers are particularly suitable for:
              Electrical boosting applications
              Float / tin bath applications
              Bushing applications


• Thyritop 30 power controllers

The Thyritop 30 models meet the most widespread requirements for electrical power control. Simple to use and particularly rugged, this is the lowest-cost power control solution.

power controller_th30>Applications
These controllers are particularly suitable for:            
              Lehr applications
              Treatment furnace applications
              Annealing furnace applications


  power controllers_brochure   Download the
   power controllers  brochure 


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   Glassmaking brochure 

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